Friday, May 1, 2015

Visit to Madrasah Rohingya Refugee, Jalan Meru Klang - April 2015

 For this visit, a joint effort with our partner in crime, #RepublikChenta.. (Love Republic!), where we are proving groceries for the home. The homes provide religious education for 90 over refugee children around the area. There are about 35 children staying overnight.The children goes back on the weekend and most of them stays around Meru, Kapar, Banting etc. As the number of children are a lot, there are always insufficient food for them hence the monthly appeal for food to the home. The home expenses is about RM10k a month.

We have specifically inform the administrator to remind them not to go back for this event as lunch will be provided. The home is currently rented at R1000 a month. RepublikChenta as raised the fund to purchase blankets, pillows and a fridge for the home! Many thanks to the generous donors!

Wet groceries for the home. With additional funding, 10 chickens were included in the menu....

The million dollar question - Why did the chicken cross the road?

90 packs of food and drinks for the children

Getting to know the children

Serving lunch


The 'bounty'

Taking photos and mixing with the kids
Boys having their lunch

Special thanks to RepublikChenta for having 1M1c to join the program. We hope to have many more "joint venture" projects for the benefits of the community. 

Date :- 25/4/2015
Location : Jalan Meru, Klang
Landmark : Opposite Pasar Besar Klang, Telekom Malaysia office
For more photos, click here link. Please also #prayForNepal.

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