Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Gates Foundation For the Disabled, Klang

Due to timing and schedule, we have postpone this trip twice and we finally made it to Beautiful Gates in Klang. As usual, I do a site visit before the day and understand what are their requirements. The caretaker, Mr Lee, requested for a cloth hanger as the current old is spoilt, bath towels and also a microwave oven. Hence, I posted it in FB and very happy to know we have a good Samaritan who donated a brand new microwave. Perhaps, good things does come in TWO ..and we also found another volunteer who willing to donate hers' too! :)

This van was purchased via public donation. Another one was donated by 99 Speedmart. Both vans have been modified to be handicapped friendly at the cost of RM20k each.
Mr Lee and Committee Member, Ms Esther brief us on the center's operations

We were greeted by Mr. Lee, the caretaker of the home. The Centre is housed in a double-storey corner house with five bedrooms, located in a relatively busy part of Taman Chi Liung, with restaurants, minimarts and other shops within walking distance. Currently, there are 15 tenants in the home, with only 3 paying tenants(RM300). Hence, the amount is insufficient for home's expenses and the home supplement the income via recycling of materials. 

There are a number of recycle bin within the Klang housing area which allow Klangites to donate the items. The recycle bins was donated by the Japan Government. After the Japan Tsunami, Beautiful Gates donated the money sold from the recycle stuff to the tsunami fund as a payback for their contribution. Esther informed that these vans are also utilised to transport some invalid or disabled people from nearby neighbourhood to nearby hospitals for their regular checkups or even for short outings. This is truly a shining example of sharing of blessings with others.

Mr. Lee's working area

The small area adjacent to the house is converted into a mini-workshop for the use of some of the disabled residents with skills in repairing electrical equipment and even computers, which they collected via their recycling lorry or drop-ins from their recycle bins. Ms. Esther also explained their role which is to make the tenants independent as they cant depend on the center forever.

The home provide basic training such as telemarketing and repairing electrical to the tenants, so that they are self suffice and will not need to depend on the home for survival. The tenants are happy here, till they do not want to go back to their own home! :)

God does work in a mysterious way, sometimes things may turn for the better when it get worst. Example was when their TV was spoilt, a good Samaritan happened to call up and asked what they want and decide to purchase when they told them about the TV. Same case here with their mircowave oven. Another good Samaritan just donated a 2nd hand lorry, and they are looking for a lorry driver to help them pick up the recyclable items. Currently, the committee members sometimes do a double job as the lorry driver when there are items to be pick up.

Recycle newspaper for selling...

We were briefed for almost an hour, and it was very beneficial to us, as it provide us an insight how the center function and their daily lifes. They also looking for small home businesses, which if you know anyone that requires the resources, do contact Mr. Lee at the 3372 6094. As I sit down and listen, I realized that there are many things in life that we took for granted, and we still complained and want more, yet for them it is a luxury.

Electrical items
Please note that do not treat this place as a dump site, but donate things that you would want other people to donate to you. If you happen to live nearby and you would like to help, you can donate the items displayed above.

As Esther was briefing us, we were shyly joined by a few of the residents with various disabilities, some were born with it, some acquired it through accidents or illness. From their smiles and beaming disposition, you can see that they accept their disabilities well and learn to cope with them the best they can.  Esther said that the residents there are very independent and even look out for each other, a common trait which I notice in most of the Homes and Centres. The camaraderie among them is truly to be respected. The greatest testimony of this Centre’s good work and effort in ensuring its residents welfare can be seen in some of the residents’s unwillingness to go home during weekends or festivals. The few residents which were there with us all nodded their heads in agreement when Esther jokingly complained that she has to coax them to go home and spend some time with their families so she can have some rest.We also found out that they like to eat KFC, so, if you are around the neighbourhood the next time and would like to cheer them up,  you know what to buy!

Our deliveries for this round...
Special thanks to Ong & Wendy for the microwave. It means a lot to them, as the current one was beyond repair. Unknowingly, we also purchase some vegetables for them, but as due to their physical condition, they are unable to cook, hence they cater food. And in this case, microwave helps them to warm up their food.

Cloth hanger as requested

As we have been there for about 1 hour, we decided to leave and go to the next home. We have been here before, Pusat Warga Emas. When we reach there, the caretaker still remember us and asked about Lai, and I had a deja vu as I remember Lai told me this home does need a lot of help. We spend some time chatting and leave as it was bit late in the evening.

We would like to thank Ong & Wendy + kids for the microwave, and Jacinta's presence in our visit again. Thank you all for the support and also, not forgetting the donors who have make all this possible.

Credits to be given to Wendy & Jacinta for this article, as I was having an mental block. Thank you ladies!

Updates  15/7 - receipts for the purchases for this visit
Beautiful Gates - RM314.75 + RM85 = RM399.75
Pusat Warga Emas - RM189.20
Total Expenses = RM588.95


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