Friday, July 8, 2011

Monthly Biscuit Donation to HELP Community

As per earlier entry, the following is the donation of biscuits for HELP Community. Thank you to all the donors for the contribution.

From: HELP Community
Date: Friday, July 8, 2011
Subject: Biscuits pix and invoice
To: Gary Lee <>

Dear Gary,

The pix and invoice for the purchase of biscuits are attached here. We hv order 8 bulk tins of 8 different types just to try out to see which is better and more economical for us.

As I am leaving for Kuching this Monday, kindly pls bank in yr contribution to the following bank account.

AmBank (M) Bhd.

no. 243 201 200779 2

Thank u very much for yr help.

Chris Jong
HELP Community Learning Centre-A ministry under Scripture Resources-

Account Details :-

For the unknown donors, thank you for your donation. Can you send us a yr name for recording purposes?

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