Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feeding the Poor at Kuala Selangor (Part 2)

We traveled fast to ensure that we can finish early. As Ainie & Joseph are well-versed with the location, we just have to keep up with them due to time constraint.

Giving the kids biscuits and bread..

It floods when it rains...

The family coming out to receive the feeding pack

Gave the kid a story book...its always new to them even its old to us.

Guess this is one of the most greenery scene I ever seen! Too long in the concrete jungle!

That looks familiar.....oh yeah, we are MALAYSIANS!! Tolong BERSIH-kan!

Single mother who is working, only the kids at home.
At the above house, a curious neighbour asked me what are we doing and I told her that we are feeding the poor. The remark I got was "do they look like they need help?". I was bit upset with the statement as I feel that if you are not willing to help, why not just keep quiet. No doubt we do not know what is the background of the family, but if someone in the family is working, I know at least they are doing something for themselves. The kids are listed as poor in the school, hence they are also part of the feeding list. I know there are people who would ask how can we really know if they need help, and I can only say, we cant as we are doing this on humanitarian grounds and if they took all the trouble to deceive us, there is nothing much we can do.

The kids were happy to see us distributing the biscuits

As we visit more houses, some of the conditions are getting worse.

I doubt if there is any electricity & water pipe....

2 families in a sharing the same house

Departing to another house in the estate area....

Located in a fenced environment, consist of 2 houses and lots of land space

Two families in this long house.

Bare minimum things in the house.

After this, we left for another home along the highway. The recipients are also estate workers.

View in an estate location... must be very quiet and dark at night...

Family of seven girls and two boys...

The Road to Ijok

Thanks guys for helping out! :)

Feeding an old friend with bread...

A small hut in the factory. Family of 5 kids
They wasnt around the last time as wife delivered a new born. Gave them a packet of baby milk powder
You dont get to see this everyday.... ;)

Giving breads to the tenants

A basic empty house

Pit stop at petrol station. Reachable by LATAR highway

As traffic was heavy at certain stretch of the road, we got lost following the lead car. Hence, we waited at petrol station for Ainie & Joseph and take a breather. Later was told that was the last few to be delivered and the team break up for lunch. Some of the homes that we visited had no one around, hence Pastor Joseph will deliver it.

Special thanks to Hajjah Ainie for having us to join in this month's delivery, the Sunway student who have help us and 1M1C members' contribution for making this month's activity a successful one!

Our Expenses :-
(note: Final donors has not been finalised yet as we still receive donations, hence I will just post up the July expenses first)

[Updated 6/8/2011] - Final account details..

Receipts for all Kuala Selangor purchases:-

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